Cafe restaurant Mukaab, dining, fresh food 

مقهى مطعم مكتبالتناول الطعام والطعام

Mukaab cafe restaurant, dining, fresh food  

 مقهى مطعم مكتبالتناول الطعام والطعام

 domain is for SALE the best restaurants and cafes of the entertainment and business tourism center of Saudi Arabia

Mukaab is the center of business activity in the new district of Riyadh. In this modern area of Saudi Arabia, the latest achievements of science and technology in construction are taken into account, which contribute to comfortable living, work and recreation using modern technologies. And the symbol of success and economic prosperity of SA is the largest skyscraper in the world. This huge building is a business center, where offices and shops of famous companies are located, as well as a recreation and entertainment center: there are hundreds of luxury hotel rooms, restaurants, clubs, theaters, museums. The most unusual thing is the creation of holographic worlds in a building where you can see different planets, other worlds or beautiful landscapes. The Mukaaba cafe, decorated in the style of the future, is of great interest.

المكعب هو مركز النشاط التجاري في منطقة الرياض الجديدة. في هذه المنطقة الحديثة من المملكة العربية السعودية ، تؤخذ في الاعتبار أحدث إنجازات العلوم والتكنولوجيا في البناء ، والتي تساهم في العيش المريح والعمل والترفيه باستخدام التقنيات الحديثة. ورمز النجاح والازدهار الاقتصادي لسا هو أكبر ناطحة سحاب في العالم. هذا المبنى الضخم هو مركز لرجال الأعمال ، حيث توجد مكاتب ومتاجر الشركات الشهيرة ، فضلا عن مركز الترفيه والترفيه: هناك المئات من غرف الفنادق الفاخرة والمطاعم والنوادي والمسارح والمتاحف. الشيء الأكثر غرابة هو إنشاء عوالم ثلاثية الأبعاد في مبنى حيث يمكنك رؤية كواكب مختلفة أو عوالم أخرى أو مناظر طبيعية جميلة. مقهى المكعبة ، المزين بأسلوب المستقبل ، له أهمية كبيرة. هنا يمكن للضيوف والسياح طلب أطباق لذيذة من مطابخ مختلفة من العالم أو تناول وجبة غداء لذيذة مع طعام صحي. يقدم مطعم مقهى المكعبة للزوار أطباقا أنيقة من الأسماك واللحوم والمأكولات البحرية والتوابل والخضروات والفواكه من جميع أنحاء العالم. هناك أيضا أطباق نادرة من مختلف شعوب العالم ، أعدها طهاة ومتخصصون مؤهلون تأهيلا عاليا. هناك أيضا قائمة للنباتيين. الحلويات وخاصة الحلويات الشرقية وأطباق المطبخ العربي الوطني مثيرة للاهتمام. تم إعداد قائمة مثيرة للاهتمام للأطفال. هنا يمكنك الحصول على وجبة إفطار وغداء وعشاء جيدة ولذيذة ومرضية. سيكون العشاء الرومانسي في مطعم مقهى المكعب مثيرا للإعجاب بشكل خاص ، لأن الصور الثلاثية الأبعاد حول الزوار تغمر العوالم الافتراضية للفضاء والكواكب الأخرى أو المنتجعات الساحلية الاستوائية أو المناظر الطبيعية للأرض التي تعود إلى عصور ما قبل التاريخ.

ينتقل مركز السياحة العالمية إلى الشرق الأوسط. تقوم دول الخليج بإنشاء مشاريع ضخمة مستقبلية تجذب ملايين المسافرين من جميع أنحاء العالم. وهناك شيء لمفاجأة السياح هنا. بالإضافة إلى المأكولات الشرقية اللذيذة والبحر الدافئ والشقق الفاخرة في الفنادق والفيلات ، تم بناء أشياء المستقبل ، حيث يتم الجمع بين معيشة الناس والترفيه والعمل في المناطق الحديثة من المدن والهياكل بشكل متناغم. أحد أفضل الأمثلة على ذلك هو المكعب في المربع الجديد بالرياض في المملكة العربية السعودية - أكبر ناطحة سحاب حديثة فائقة الارتفاع في العالم. يضم هذا المبنى الضخم 1000 جناح فندقي ومطاعم ومقاهي وترفيه للبالغين والأطفال ومتحف ومسرح ومكاتب تجارية ومتاجر ومعارض ومنصات تجارية. إنه رمز للاختراق التكنولوجي والإنجازات والثروة والنجاح
المملكة العربية السعودية والعالم العربي بأسره.

Here guests and tourists can order delicious dishes from different cuisines of the world or just have a delicious lunch with healthy food. The Mukaaba cafe - restaurant offers visitors chic dishes of fish, meat, seafood, spices, vegetables and fruits from all over the world. There are also rare delicacies from different peoples of the world, prepared by highly qualified chefs and specialists. There is also a menu for vegetarians. Desserts and especially oriental sweets and dishes of national Arabic cuisine are interesting. An interesting menu has been made for children. Here you can have a good, delicious and satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner. A romantic dinner at the Mukaab cafe restaurant will be especially impressive, because the holographic pictures around immerse visitors into the virtual worlds of space and other planets, tropical seaside resorts or prehistoric landscapes of the Earth. You can visit the Makaab Cafe restaurant at any time, or order food delivery to your room or office inside the Mukaab skyscraper building. The center of world tourism is moving to the Middle East. Gulf countries are creating futuristic mega projects that attract millions of travelers from all over the world. And there is something to surprise tourists here. In addition to delicious Oriental cuisine, warm sea, luxury apartments in hotels and villas, objects of the future have been built, where people's living, recreation and work in modern areas of cities and structures are harmoniously combined. One of the best examples of this is the Mukaab in the New Muraba of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia - the largest modern super-high skyscraper in the world. This huge building includes 1000 hotel suites, restaurants, cafes, entertainment for adults and children, a museum, a theater, business offices, shops, exhibitions and trading platforms. It is a symbol of technological breakthrough and achievements, wealth and success Saudi Arabia and the entire Arab world. The development of digital technology allows businesses to conduct many processes and actions online, which is fast, convenient and reliable. With the help of the Mukaab online website, you can now book the right hotel room, order food at a restaurant or cafe, order delivery of goods from stores or services from organizations, all this is beneficial for business. Digital technology Mukaab online for business inside the building for services New Murabba. In buildings with a steel frame, ceilings are erected at the levels of horizontal connections. In other building structures, the floors are supported by horizontal steel beams attached to the core of the building (the core of rigidity) and/or to support columns. In most high-rise buildings, the main supporting part is the core of rigidity and support columns. The exterior walls are not load-bearing, they are attached by mounting panels made of materials such as glass, metal, stone to ceilings or support columns. When the exterior walls were erected, the building is ready for interior decoration. This includes the installation of power grids, ventilation, water supply, plumbing, fire extinguishing systems, laying cables, pipes, and the construction of partitions. At the end, the construction is completed in the upper part of the building with the installation of the roof. The main task is to make a waterproof weatherproof coating. The construction of a high-rise building is not always economically justified, but it is the "hallmark" of the city, against the background of ordinary low-rise buildings. With the advent of new building materials and structures, it became possible to build taller and larger buildings. The invention of the elevator and the appearance of a metal frame contributed to the increase in the height of the building and its number of floors. It was they who, taking into account many factors, such as the cost of land in the center of the metropolis, allowed the construction of skyscrapers. It should be noted that lectures on engineering structures about skyscrapers influenced the choice of a topic for research. We were fascinated by the fact that, as far as man is a genius, humanity can create unthinkable things, one of which can be called the construction of skyscrapers that exceed the size of a person by hundreds of times. With the development of technological progress, with the advent of new building materials, it is possible to invent and build unthinkable skyscrapers, as well as fit them into our lives organically in order to feel comfortable and protected within their walls. Two centuries ago, a person could not even think that he would exist in a stone jungle, but now it is becoming the norm of life. Cities are actively being built up, new projects are being created. In recent years, the number of high-rise buildings has tripled, and this figure will continue to grow. The most amazing thing is that skyscrapers live next door to architecture that is very different from them. And here the question arises: how much do we need skyscrapers? What prospects do they offer and what problems do they create? Why did a man start building skyscrapers? There was an urgent need for the construction of skyscrapers at the end of the 19th century. America began to stand up confidently and increase industrial production. In this regard, there is a need for a new type of business building that will accommodate more people and concentrate all the necessary industries in one place, the district. That's how the history of building skyscrapers began. Now it is difficult to say that this is a skyscraper, but it was from this building that the history of high-rise construction began around the world with different time runs. At the moment, high-rise buildings are being built all over the world. Currently, about 90% of all skyscrapers in the world are located in Asia and Arab countries. A large number of skyscrapers are concentrated in Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar. It should be noted that high-rise architecture is not concentrated in all cities, but only in key ones. It is possible to trace a pattern in high-rise architecture. It is increasing towards the downtown, where all the important business centers are accumulated. The role of skyscrapers here plays an important role in the formation of a very young city and shows the economic strength of the country and its capabilities. Russia has only recently started its journey in this field and the situation is similar to European construction. For us, skyscrapers are not a hindrance next to historical buildings. After all, architecture is history. It keeps pace with human development, with how it develops. A city is a map in a temporal and historical sense. By the way cities are built up, you can track the progress of construction technologies. By opening up new opportunities, a person necessarily fits this into the construction. We are creating more and more new building materials, making architecture more environmentally friendly and friendly. People of the 18th century could not build a building higher than five floors, and now the height of skyscrapers reaches almost 1 km in height. It's just incredible! And every year this figure increases. A person conquers unprecedented heights in absolutely any business he undertakes. And one can only envy how vivid the image of skyscrapers is. Any five-storey building remains on the sidelines, looking at these stately buildings. They attract tourists and create a constant cash flow. The top floors offer incredible views of the city and the sea. Such viewing platforms brighten up a person's life. And they make it clear the greatness of the human mind. Finally, skyscrapers occupy little land and accommodate a lot of people. Also, cities and countries with the number of skyscrapers show the whole world their power and wealth. Architecture is a flight of human imagination. How far can a person go in pursuit of perfection and creating comfort around himself? And skyscrapers are one of the possible ways. And the fact that so much time and effort is devoted to them tells us how necessary it is. To date, it is possible to pay attention to some problems that are associated with the peculiarities of operation and construction. With dense construction of areas with skyscrapers, sunlight cannot penetrate into the windows and creates an uncomfortable environment for a person, there is a shortage of sunlight. During the construction of a skyscraper, difficulties arise with the installation of the building itself. What does it feel like for builders on the hundredth floor when there are no walls around and a strong wind is blowing. Even when operating on the upper floors, a person feels the vibrations of the building itself from the wind and this also does not affect his peace of mind in the best way. And in principle, a long stay at high altitude psychologically puts pressure on a person, undermining his mental health. In addition, the higher the building, the more time a person will spend on descent and ascent. On high floors, it is not possible to open the window for ventilation and get some fresh air. From the point of view of fire safety, skyscrapers are very unsafe. And it is difficult to organize a parking system around a relatively small piece of land with so much space. In addition, it should be emphasized that some high-rise architecture may not fit into the overall appearance of the city and cause discomfort in its perception. To correct this shortcoming, architects are trying to make the interior and exterior more humane and friendly to humans: they provide for inter-storey ecological recreational areas in the structure of the building, terraced planes with landscaping. The most comfortable buildings for human life are standard five-storey buildings. But with the growth of industry and the human population, there is an urgent need for a new type of building. And a person has to adapt. There are pitfalls everywhere. With the development of technological progress, new ways of solving problems are being created. Even when skyscrapers were just beginning to be created, high-speed elevators appeared in America and they have such a well-established mechanism that there can be no question that the elevators will stop working and a person will have to descend from the 50th floor. And now there are already projects of fire elevators in order to save as many people as possible during an emergency. Three centuries ago, people couldn't imagine a skyscraper. And now everyone is so used to them that it does not cause dissonance. On the contrary, everyone wants to look at them or live. And if we imagine that in two centuries the population of the planet will increase to twenty billion people, we will need new ways of urban sprawl in another plane. Skyscrapers will no longer be enough. And, for example, underground cities may appear or they will build earth scrapers," as well as create cities on water and under water. Now there are already projects of vertical cities on paper, and in a couple of decades this may become our reality. In the future, it is possible to build bridges that will connect buildings at different heights, and these crossings will be multifunctional. According to the results of the implementation of such transitions, a number of problems of high-rise buildings can be eliminated, for example, the problem of evacuation in case of fires is not down, as always, but to the sides in a neighboring building, it will be possible to return home from a public building not along the street, but along the passage, etc. Summing up, it should be noted that each invention has its own nuances. Rome was not built in a day. And skyscrapers have become an integral part of our lives. They are not perfect in their existence. But they solve more problems than they create. And this already makes them necessary for us. Also, as a result of the analysis, we can conclude that in the future the pace of construction of high-rise buildings will only grow and develop in cities. One of the reasons is the high cost of land in megacities, the improvement of the material and technical base, the growing demand for high-rise buildings among the population as a cultural and business center. In the heart of the business metropolis, among the tall glass towers and busy streets, there are cozy oases – cafes and restaurants that have become an integral part of business centers. These establishments not only satisfy the hunger and thirst of visitors, but also create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, allowing you to relax and unwind during the working day. Cafes in business centers are not just a place where you can have a quick snack. This is a place where time slows down, allowing you to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee or a delicious lunch in the pleasant company of colleagues or business partners. Cafe interiors are often decorated in a modern style with elements of minimalism, which creates an atmosphere of calm and concentration, ideal for business meetings or short breaks. Restaurants located in business centers offer their guests not only an exquisite menu, but also the opportunity to have a business lunch or dinner in a stylish and cozy atmosphere. From simple cafeterias to top-class restaurants, these establishments offer a wide range of dishes, taking into account the diverse preferences and dietary restrictions of visitors. Cafes and restaurants in business centers have become an integral part of the business life of modern cities, offering their guests not only high-quality food and drinks, but also the opportunity to relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the business world. Looking inside this cozy cafe, where the aroma of fresh pastries penetrates and the atmosphere is saturated with the sounds of pleasant music, you feel a surge of inspiration. This is not just a cafe, it is a source of inspiration, a place where every visitor finds his own touch of magic. Here, among the walls decorated with paintings by local artists and comfortable sofas, you can enjoy a diverse selection of drinks: from fragrant coffee to refreshing cocktails. The restaurant's menu impresses with its variety: from classic breakfasts to delicious snacks ready to satisfy the most refined tastes. But this is not only a place to have a good time and enjoy delicious food. It is also an ideal place for business meetings or romantic dates. Every corner of this place is imbued with an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. But the cafe is not just a cafe. Here you will find not only delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere. It is a place where magical encounters and unexpected discoveries take place, where every visitor can find something special for themselves. After all, a cafe is not just a catering establishment, it is a place where laughter and joy sound, where inspiration and life-changing meetings are born. In our restaurant, we are proud to offer dishes that not only saturate your taste buds, but also satisfy the most refined culinary tastes. Let's dive into our range and take a look at some of our best dishes. 1. Black Angus Steak with Truffle Puree: A tender and juicy steak made from the highest quality Black Angus meat, served with exquisite truffle puree, creating the perfect combination of richness of taste and texture. 2. Lobster with Butter and Garlic Crumbs: A famous seafood delicacy prepared according to a special recipe: fresh lobster, drizzled with butter and sprinkled with fragrant garlic crumbs. 3. Grilled Trout with Lemon Oil and Herbs: Tender trout meat, grilled to perfect juiciness, is decorated with fresh green herbs and sprinkled with lemon oil to add a refreshing citrus flavor. 4. Risotto with Black Truffles and Parmesan: This dish is a real treat for gourmets. The creamy risotto, made using fresh black truffles and liberally sprinkled with grated parmesan, provides a luxurious taste experience. 5. Tiramisu "Homemade": An irresistible dessert that completes your lunch in our restaurant with grace. Light biscuit plates soaked in coffee syrup and layered with the most delicate mascarpone create the perfect combination of sweetness and aroma. This is just a small part of our varied menu, which invites you on a culinary journey full of impressions and enjoyment. Come to us and discover the true pleasure of cooking!  Many hotels position themselves in the hospitality market as business hotels and focus on the business tourist. For those who value their time and the opportunity to keep abreast of all important events, a wide range of communication services is provided. Hotels and business centers are equipped with places to work on the Internet, computer services are provided, express delivery of correspondence is carried out, it is possible to rent meeting rooms, the help of highly qualified secretaries and professional translators, personal drivers is offered, photo and video shooting is organized. The conference rooms are equipped with a simultaneous translation system. In addition, visa support is provided to business tourists, air and train tickets are booked, transport and excursion services are organized. After a busy and eventful working day, a business person needs a full rest, because both components are important in the phrase business tourist. A business trip is a great opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant. This is not only a way to establish business ties, but also a means to broaden your horizons. Travel agencies organize business tours of various subjects and purposes (from organizing conferences to visiting an exhibition or a specific enterprise) for delegations and individual clients, as well as corporate trips. Such as, for example, a seminar or conference held in a business center, combined with hunting or fishing. From the above, it can be concluded that at the present stage of business tourism development, the formation of a complex of tourist services is most in demand in the field of incentive tourism. Incentive tourism is based entirely on unique complexes of tourist services offered and modified by the tour operator in accordance with the requirements of customers. All this provides a fairly wide field of activity for the Belarusian tourism industry: it is necessary to reconfigure the mass consciousness of business people by introducing certain standards into it, including business tourism, especially domestic tourism, as a reflection of its image, the image of a successful person; to improve the regulatory framework for business tourism; to rebuild the business tourism infrastructure, bring it closer to modern requirements; to diversify the offered tourist services as much as possible, covering all areas of business interaction and taking into account the specifics of business people's requests; to train qualified specialists in the field of business tourism industry; to create an attractive image of the national business tourism complex.

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